“Thought I'd let you know. The countertop guys, that came to measure today, said that they have installed countertops for “million dollar plus” houses in the Lake Norman area. They said these were the best...

Benny Roland

Benny RolandCWC Custom Cabinet Customer

“This has been a little of a challenge, but I have to admit that I kinda like it.   I like to learn new stuff and from all the talking we have done with the various...

David McGrady

David McGradyPresident, Wilkes Vocational Services

“WOW!! You guys are awesome! You made it happen! Thanks for all you guys did to transform our home into something fabulous.  Unbelievable! Thanks for accommodating my eccentricities. Pamela is extremely pleased, and therefore I...

Steve Call

Steve CallCWC Inc. Customer

“Awesome work you all did on the Wilkes Vocational Workshop!!!  It is so NICE!!!  I was up there this morning and in awe of your work!  Hope all is well.  Your ads sound good.  Tell...

Mary Dorris Coffey

Mary Dorris CoffeyAccount Executive, WWWC Radio